Another good reason to drop WLM

This gave me another good reason to drop Windows Live Messenger (MSN) alltogether… So please, everyone that’s using MSN, change to something else, like XMPP.

5 thoughts on “Another good reason to drop WLM

  1. Paulo Pires

    Would’t it be nice if something like that was remotely possible? The thing is that most non-geeks or, let’s say, less tech-savvy users like a lot the custom emoticons (which imho are funny, but 98% of the time hardens readability), and on-the-fly video and audio conversation.

    good luck trying convincing them otherwise!

  2. Rogério Vicente

    That would be just perfect, but it’s just an utopia. People keep using this crappy IM protocol called MSN…

    Google is slowly changing things. Most people in my contact list besides having and MSN account, also have a Gtalk account, which is already a good starting point 🙂

  3. Filipe Carvalho Post author

    My closest friends all have Gmail, so most of them already use Gtalk via the Gmail interface. In my family nobody uses MSN (my sister uses Skype and Gtalk for chat, for example). Only in my workplace it would be a problem…

    BTW: Pidgin was just updated…


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