I use on a daily basis. What I use most are the radio features. Wether I’m listening to My Library or My Recommendations, it’s what gets me through the day.

Today they announced that starting on Monday the radio streaming service will become a premium service, with a monthly subscription of € 3. That’s actually not much and if I get all the other features a premium user has, it’s actually a nice deal. What really tickles me about the announcement is that the US, UK and Germany will continue to have a free radio service. Why? So far in all the comment responses, officials haven’t come up with a plausible explanation.

I sincerely think is going to loose a majority of its userbase. I still haven’t decided what to do. Everyone in the comments have been pointing out Spotify as an alternative, but from the look of the site, I don’t know if it’s available in Portugal or not, and apparently it doesn’t have an official Linux client.

Does anyone know of a good alternative to so I can make a decision ’till Monday?

9 thoughts on “FAIL

  1. berlinde

    o mais provável é que continue a ser grátis nesses sítios porque a publicidade apontada a esses países deve cobrir as depesas. já reparei que há alguma publicidade tuga, mas não deve chegar. de resto, podes sempre tentar o pandora ou o hype machine ou o favtape, não são bem a mesma coisa mas são mais ou menos.

  2. Filipe Carvalho Post author

    A questão da publicidade não me convence. Penso que terá mais a ver com royalties dos sanguessugas das discográficas. Vou experimentar o Hype Machine e o Favtape, já que o Pandora não funciona fora dos States…

  3. Filipe Carvalho Post author

    Citando o email que mandaram aos utilizadores:
    “Today we’re announcing an important upcoming change: Radio will require
    a small subscription of €3.00 /month. You’ll receive a 30 track free trial to
    try before you buy. All other features will remain free.”
    2.5 EUR era o que custava até agora o service premium… Vão aumentar a partir de amanhã…

  4. lothar_m

    para quem apenas quer “scroblar” e não necessita de streaming pode tentar o recente


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