2011 in Review

OK, I know 2011 is long and gone, but I’ve been busy with other stuff. So here it goes.


My initial intention of travelling to a new country was scrapped due to the prices of the country I intended to visit: Iceland. Instead I readapted this resolution, to revisit my favorite places in Europe. And so I did. I revisited my favorite place in Europe, the wonderful city of Edinburgh, Scotland. I also had the privilege of revisiting Inverness and got to know the Highlands a lot better, including visiting the amazing Isle of Skye. In December, I revisited London for a few days. It is quite different to visit museus while being an adult. You really appreciate them more! I then took the Eurostar to Paris and I also revisited this wonderful city, my third time there. A particularly wonderful treat was visiting the Shakespeare and Company Bookstore, one of my new favorite places ever. On my Flickr account you can check out some photos of Scotland. I’ve yet managed to upload photos of London and Paris.


I’ve set myself on the beginning of the year to read 30 books. I managed to break the scale and read a whopping 43 books. I really think that Goodreads and my Kindle were crucial in achieving this objective. You can check out all my 2011 read books on my reading challenge page. This year I’ve upped the ante and set myself to read 45 books. You can check my progress here.


On this objective I failed miserably. I intended to blog at least once a week. Then it shifted to once a month, and then just when I felt like it. I’ll try to improve my blog this year (I hope).

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