So, I’ve been using Go Daddy for a few years now, mainly for my domain registering. It’s been a somewhat good service, despite the fact that the website is somewhat difficult to use. When you buy a domain there the site takes you to several pages where they bombard you with other offers that personally I have no interest in. But I kinda stuck with the service, mostly because of laziness and the fact that the domains were already registered there.

I know Go Daddy’s founder is kind of a douche bag and that became apparent last year with the shooting elephants debacle. It almost made me switch services immediately but, again due to laziness, I’ve set myself the goal of only changing when the domain was expiring.

That changed with the SOPA controversy. It was kind of the last straw. I’ve changed all my personal domains from Go Daddy, leaving there only the ones I don’t want anymore and will let them expire and two that I’ve registered to other people.

I’ve switched to an European company, Gandi, and I have to say, I’m quite satisfied with the service. Not only it’s a “no bullshit” service, they also support Free Software Projects, like Gnome, Debian and VideoLAN, but also Free Culture Organizations, like the EFF and Creative Commons and Human and Animal Rights NGOs, like the WWF and FIDH. That was a plus, and I’m glad I’ve changed to Gandi.

2 thoughts on “ByeDaddy

  1. João Sena Ribeiro

    Gandi was the first registrar I ever used. I later (around 2002) changed to

    Now I changed back to Gandi (due to the fact that they also support .pt domains) and I’m pretty happy with it.


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