The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Inspired by other people, I recently started deleting accounts from websites and services I no longer use, trying to reduce my social fingerprint on the internet. This was an extremely hard process, since over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of accounts everywhere, from services I’ve previously used and since dropped, to services where I only created an account to test it out.

I used a website called KnowEm to base myself of the services currently available. I know it’s not this website’s original purpose, but that I used it for.

Over this process, I’ve came across three types of sites, the good, which have a simple way of removing our account, for exemple clicking a link, the bad, which make you contact their technical support to remove your account and the ugly, which simply don’t allow you to remove your account. I will next list some of these websites and explain the process I had to take to remove my account.

The Good:

In this list we can find the majority of websites and services, like Delicious, Weebly, Dailymotion, Slideshare, etc. We can simply click a link and we can have our account removed. This is, for me, the gold standard, that should be used by everyone.

The Bad:

In this listing we include sites that require us to contact their customer support in order to remove our account. It’s a more lengthy process but after a couple of days it gets done. They include Digg, C| and SAPO.

The Ugly:

In this section I include the worst of the worst. They are the services that simply don’t allow for account removal and also the ones that didn’t respond to my account removal requests. In the first category I  can list Miro Guide, they don’t allow for account removal. In the second category there’s Technorati, which simply ignored my account removal requests. For shame…

UPDATE: DeviantArt now allows you to remove your account. The only thing that is not removed are commentaries… 

3 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  1. José Gaspar

    I think you have forgotten another category: the one that allows you to apparently remove de account, but instead keeps all of you personal data until your next logon, when the account just became active again. Yeah… I am talking about Facebook :-/

    1. filipearcarvalho Post author

      That’s not entirely true… They keep it for the next 15 days. If you login in those 15 days it will void your removal request.
      But I didn’t mention it because I still don’t want to remove my Facebook account!

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