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Finally, the full week of vacations in a long, long time… Most of the projects I’m working are set in motion, with particular attention to FEUP’s Linux Project.

So since I’m not going anywhere this week, what will I do? Well, I still have some achivements of Left4Dead to complete, and have to start paying more attention to Team Fortress 2.

On another note, how cool was this? Pretty amazing…

Escape from City 17

Opened Steam this past weekend to find out the dudes at Valve we’re psyched about these small movies made with an extremely small budget ($500). Escape from City 17, from what I can gather, takes place at the same time as Half-Life 2: Episode 1. It’s really worth a look:

Playstation 3

Today, when I went to have lunch with some friends, I tried a Playstation 3 for the first time.  It’s quite a piece of hardware. Very big but with a great design. The menu interfaces are sleek and clean, better than the Wii’s. The two demos that came available in that kiosk were all racing games (a rally one and a F1 one). They were quite nice, although there was no 1080p as the Bravia that comes with the kiosk only has 720p capability. So the BluRay demo also was a little disappointing.

My take: € 600 is too much… € 400 is a nice price for a console with all those features. I will probably buy one this Christmas the price gets lowered.