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Ubuntu 8.04: The Veridict

So Sunday has passed and I’ve decided to keep Ubuntu Hardy Heron installed on my system. So far the only problem was the one with GRUB. Other than the annoyance of calling all my disks xxxGB Media, everything’s running smoothly. I know this Ubuntu version doesn’t bring all that new goodies as one would expect, but honestly the “LTS” flag doesn’t allow for extravagances. For that wait for Interpid Ibex in October…

So here are the new stuff I liked:

  • The new Compiz version + the Nvidia drivers run smoother than ever on my card. I had some problems in Gutsy that kept me from using Compiz. Those are now gone.
  • Transmission is AMAZING!!
  • Vinagre rocks as a Remote Desktop App
  • The new F-Spot version looks really good
  • I simply ADORE the Youtube Plugin in Totem. (hint: even better is this Youtube H.264 plugin)
  • The APT system is super fast. It’s simply incredible

Let’s see how the coming weeks go…


Ubuntu 8.04 = Problems

So since today I’m home sick with a fracking cold, I’ve decided to upgrade my home desktop to Ubuntu 8.04… Boy that was a mistake… Rei was already saying that he had some problems, but since this was already my forth installation I thought everything would go well. I was wrong…

Decided to format the root partition (somethings were wrong already so why not a clean start), so I booted the Ubuntu CD. I thought it was strange that the system detected my disks and partitions in the wrong order, but I didn’t pay that much attention. After the installation was complete, rebooted, and was presented wih GRUB Error 17. What a nice clean way to tell you to greet you after you installed a LTS version! Apparently the detecting the disks and partitions in the wrong order was a big deal since it f*cked up the GRUB config file. Booting the LiveCD again and re-running the GRUB setup didn’t work either… Fortunately I found this guide which worked well in my computer.

But now that I have the boot fixed, I still am encountering problems… In previous versions, every mount point located inside /media would show up in the Desktop as an icon with the mount point as the name. Now they show up as xxxGB Media… Since I have 3 disks with the same size how the hell am I supposed to figure how which is which. I suppose this is just a matter of changing some configuration, but if it was working so well why the hell did they change it?

I’m giving Ubuntu 8.04 until Sunday to win me over. If not, I think I’m reverting to 7.10 for the time being… And no, Fedora, OpenSUSE and all that crap is not an option…

Advanced Linux Administration Course @Porto

Gaspar will be teaching an Advanced Linux Administration Course. The contents:

  • Server configuration: WWW, FTP, DNS, DHCP, LDAP, E-Mail
  • Samba with quota support
  • Linux Security
  • Xen Virtualization

Location: Rua da Boavista, Porto Portugal (link)
Date: From April 22 to June 3.
Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday, 19h-23h (4h)
Duration: 72h
Price: 300 euros (a real bargain) 😉

More information (in portuguese):