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Listening to Fans and Critics

It’s more and more unusual these days to listen to Fans and Critics. But there are exceptions. Take the remake of one of my favorite 70’s Series, Hawaii Five-0.

Here we have the original series’ titles:

A great title song, in my opinion. When the pilot of the remake was made available in May 2010, fans and critics bashed the new title song:

Since the original title song became extremely popular, fans felt the new version didn’t fit the show. So this criticism was heard by the show producers and they remade the title song to this:

This new version keeps the original song’s feel and was well received by both critics and fans. The show won the “Favorite New TV Drama” at the 37th People’s Choice Awards and has solid ratings every week.

So I think listening to critics and especially fans pays of… Let’s see if Roberto Orci keeps this up for the new Star Trek movie!!


Review: An Unearthly Child

The Five DoctorsAn Unearthly Child
My rating: 3 of 5 starts

This is the first ever Doctor Who Serial, which premiered on BBC in 1963. So I was already anticipating extremely old-fashioned special effects.

After watching this first serial I can with conviction say that I don’t like the First Doctor. He is extremely arrogant and treats the companions as idiots…

The story is somewhat good, but the filming and special effects don’t really hold up almost 50 years later.

I’m thinking of skipping the First Doctor altogether… I’ll maybe watch the first Daleks Serial and that’s it. Maybe skipping to the Fourth Doctor will be a good idea…

Review: The Five Doctors

The Five DoctorsThe Five Doctors
My rating: 4 of 5 starts

I’m a huge Doctor Who fan. Being watching the restarted series since 2005, on the last few months I’ve gained an interest in watching some old Doctor Who serials/episodes.

The first one I choose was The Five Doctors, a special episode celebrating the 20th anniversary of the show. As the title suggests, it features 5 incarnations of The Doctor, well, the only 5 at the time.

Seeing this old sci-fi shows can somewhat be a fun experience and this was one of them. I really liked it. The special effects are, of course, outdated, but let’s face it, it’s a 27 year old episode. But the story is really good. I really enjoyed it..

The next review will be of the first Doctor Who serial, An Unearthly Child, from 1963…